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He also sheds light on the good work that had done by Mike Nolan, the department has not exactly kept his promises, despite some flashes of talent. Melvin Ingram closed the season with 52nd tackle, 28th pressures and 10.5 tackle, 7.5 to which however came from their last five matches, as the DC John Pagano now the season was plenty going south and despite this, has shown creativity in blitz who before he had never seen, and is automatically wonder why. Ingram has a good technique, especially with the spin move that has now become his trademark, but it is still quite uneven; Of course, the fact that he finished the season on a high bodes well, but, as mentioned above for Liuget, probably would be better if there were a higher level rusher capable of taking all the attention, distogliendole from him (in addition to the physical problems that, at least, let you free in this vintage). 42 tackles, 31 pressures Wholesale nfl jerseys (team leader) and 6 sack for Jerry Attaochu, the OLB in the second year that showed great improvement from season to season. The potential is still very raw, but his explosiveness on the snap you can not teach, and then there is hope that even more refined technique, the boy can evolve into an even better player. The development of Ingram and Attaochu, but also Te'o and Perryman, will be headed by Bob Babich, the new LB coach who replaced Nolan, who has resigned, probably, to accept an assignment from the defense coordinator in some other team. Babich has spent the last three seasons in Jacksonville, slowly improving a defense that, despite being left at the bottom of the League, has little point guard, while in the previous nine years he worked in Chicago with two large role as Lance Briggs wholesale nfl jerseys and Brian Urlacher. Regarding Kyle Emanuel, the rookie is another progettone, is primarily used in special teams, which, however, unlike Attaochu, has excellent basic technique, but has physical gaps: utopian, perhaps, that can develop in a 3 LB-down, while the development in occasional rusher is a goal.

As mentioned before, the growth of the defense of San Diego is concise with the entry into Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys the lineup Denzel Perryman, after two months in the infirmary and special teams. The former University of Miami has equipped the Chargers a run stopper as it had for years, probably by Jamal Williams times, limiting the missed tackle by Te'o - which however has improved towards the end of the season from this point of view - and raising the general performance of the defense. Fortunately, the rise of Perryman has stopped the descent Donald Butler, by far our worst defender in relation to the contract (if he plays it with Flowers, but cheap nfl jerseys at least the former Chiefs has a past - recently - as a player over the media, which Butler has never been). The 24 tackles are career low for Butler, but still has 11 million salary guaranteed for one year, and then until the next season will not move. It is surprising that the coaching staff has insisted with him instead of trying, for example with Kavell Conner, New York Giants Jerseys excellent special teamer and good tackle. As for the coverage, I continue my personal campaign in favor of Manti Te'o, which will never be a Pro Bowler, but it has very good reading of the game in this area, besides being improved as a tackler (second best tackler in team tackle efficiency, 6). Department that must be completed by adding an edge rusher, but there is the young talent to work with. RATING: 6.5

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